our story

MIssion statement

Volk Brand is an active lifestyle apparel brand that aims to create a community of inspired, like-minded individuals in an organic way. The design mentality behind Volk products is to be versatile for all types of occasions and groups. Stylish and unique designs allow our community to be diverse and widespread. This enables athletes, creators, thrill seekers, and anyone in between to come together as a whole through clothing and mindset. Volk is committed to the relentless pursuit of perfection while evolving the active lifestyle community with a healthy and modern approach. 

Overall, Volk Brand is a collection of multiple cultures that all are embodying the same lifestyle and mindset. 



Follow our journey up and down the east coast as a custom built mobile storefront for new and existing customers. Come shop and meet the team!


Custom silk screen printed and embroidered apparel. From the start to finish. Manufactured, printed, packaged and shipped all in-house.


Pop-ups, Social Events, and Fundraisers. Come see our past success story's and stay tuned for future events.